Card Legend

One or multiple python notebooks
One or multiple DockerFiles
Paper associated or references to one
Bibtex citation
Has an identifier
Has a status label
Installation instructions
Requirements for using the repository
How to use the repository
In-depth documentation of the repository
Acknowledgements present in the repository
Download options
This repository is a webpage
This repository is an ontology
Number of stars given to the repository
Number of releases
Copy the card as embedded html
User/Organization who owns the repo
Updated in the last month
Updated in the last 3 months
Not updated in the last 3 months


This software catalog has been created with the software catalog creator (soca) Python package .

Each software card in the catalog represents a different repository from GitHub. The main objective of this web is to give visibility to researchers by showcasing their work in a minimalistic portal.

Scc extracts most of the displayed metadata with the help of somef and inspect4py, enabling end-users to filter and sort all the repositories in multiple ways.



To find the desired repositories we highly encourage to leverage the different filters, sorts and search-bar. The repositories will be displayed in minimalist cards, if the query yields more than 12 repositories soca will automatically paginate the results, increasing the user experience.


There is the option to you use the left and right keys to go-back and go to the next page.


There is the option to you swipe from left to right and right to left to go-back and go to the next page.

Python repositories

If the Python icon appears in one of the cards, the repository belongs to one of the following categories:


The tool can be used from the command line, usually with a unique command for doing it so.


The target tool is designed to be imported as part of another tool, instead of being used through the command line.


The target tool can be launched as a web service.


The repository is meant to be used through one or multiple script files, which will carry out its intended functionality.